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Flower Crush: Fringed tulips

Hey guys! We have been busy organising our inventories and supplies. We are now back and ready to arrange flowers. So, here are a few arrangements that we did over the weekend.

On a side note, Melbourne University’s graduation is just around the corner. For those of you graduating or attending the graduation, you can pre-order a bouquet/bloom box now. Personalisation for each arrangement is also available, just let us know what you like.

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We have created a new home for Bee Flo. or click here!

You can easily personalize your Bloom Box or Bouquets through our website.

Remember, be as creative as possible. Mix colors! Add embellishments!

Have Fun!


We are excited to announce that we will be collaborating with Feztography to help you capture your precious moments. Here’s a little bit more about Feztography.

Feztography is a Melbourne based photography company. They believe that photography is about capturing moments from different perspectives. Even though they are based in Melbourne, they also travel around to United States and Asia such as Japan, Korea, Singapore and Indonesia for photoshoots.

Check them out here!

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Flower Arrangements: Bee Flo

Model: Fiyona Alidjurnawan

Photography: Hans Christian & Feztography


Hey guys, I have definitely missed arranging flowers for all of you. For the past few weeks of my holiday, I have been to different markets, and flower shops in the states. The flowers here are beautiful, especially since its summer, there are tons of peonies around!

I am happy to announce that the website is almost done and we will be introducing our new home very soon to you guys. Apart from that, we now offer extra embellishments for you to personalise your Bloom Box even more. I have also been designing new Bloom Boxes and arrangements for you guys, so stay tuned. Our new collection will be open for order on July 18th!!


Bee Flo


Hey guys, so I am blogging to you from the plane. For those of you who know, I am travelling to Seattle, Washington. But don’t you worry; your Bloom Boxes are in great hands back in Melbourne. I hope to find inspirations from Seattle to bring back to Melbourne for our July Collection.


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June Collection

Introducing our new collection with pearl embellishments! This June’s collection is a definite must have.

Our new home ( is currently under construction. We will update you guys as soon as it is accessible.

Goodnight everyone!

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This is a little blog to keep track of all the things I have been up to, as well as inspiration and the things and people I love.  It is true that good things come when you least expect it.

We hope that this blog will keep you guys up to date with our activities. Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email every now and then. We would love to hear from you!